Friday, 4 May 2012

001 Omnichord (Refill)

My Omnichord Refill first made it's debut as a reader contribution on Robbneu's great Reason - Patch a Day blog.

Here's a brief description (extract from Robbneu's original post based on my original instructions):

The theory is you set the sequencer playing and a rex drumbeat sampled from the omnichord starts up. You can choose which rhythm program it plays by soloing channels in the drum mixer within the combi. There are three octaves of organ, octave one is C to B Major, octave 2 is C to B Minor and octave 3 is C to B 7th. You can turn the optional layered "sonic strings" on or off from the front of the combi. The rest of the keyboard above that is the lead sound from the omnichord.

I still can't get the muting of the organ/lead sounds at the start of every bar sorted out, no idea why it is doing that. Only workaround is to increase the release of the NNXT instruments to maximum but only issue then is because it is a looped sample it'll go on forever.

I think I know how to sort the muting issue and will tackle it once I find my original unpacked samples and patches.

The Refill:


The Skin:

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